Top Business Intelligence Trends in 2015

The  top BI trends for year 2015 were

  1. The adaption for Data Governance
  2. Analytic for everyone
  3. No More Just Analytic its now Story telling
  4. Fast Data integration
  5. Analytic on the Go
  6. More and more Predictive analytic
  7. Clouds Analytic
  8. Fast Adoption of Big Data Platforms.



Common BI Charts and there use

  1. Pie Chart
  • Less the segments better the visualization
  • Shows Percentage of whole Relationship
  • Removes emphasis on examining underlying data
  • Readers may make inaccurate conclusion based on Visual examination.
  1. Bar Chart
  • Most commonly used in Business and media
  • Specially used for quantitative comparison.
  • Users can do quick comparison of large data in Visual form.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Estimate key values in just one look.
  1. Line Chart
  • Shows how data changes over time.
  • Each point represents a point of data.
  • They show patterns in data clearly.
  • Very good for making predictions.
  • Easy to read.
  • Limitation is that it can be used only against time dimension.
  1. Combo Chart
  • Combines feature of Bar and Line chart in one graph.
  • Multiple metrics can be shown in one graph.
  • Limitation on number of metrics that can be shown.
  • Not everyone can read and understand it.
  1. Funnel Chart
  • Used in pipelines like Sales Pipeline , Hiring of candidate etc.
  • It represents several stages in one process.
  • Can be used to identify potential problem areas in one business process.
  1. Bubble Chart
  • It represents 3 Dimension of data.
  • It is a variation of scatter chart in which each data points are replaced with bubbles.
  • Size of bubble represents the volume, size.
  • Both axis can be used to represent metric whereas dimension is represented by each dot.
  1. Radar Chart
  • Also known as Spider chart
  • Plots value of each category in separate axis.
  • Data points are drawn at space from center clockwise.
  • Center represents the minimum value.
  • Series of data points are connected by straight line or curved line.
  • You can use multiple dimensions along with metric.
  • Example min and max temperature or average temperature round the year at Different  cities.