Common BI Charts and there use

  1. Pie Chart
  • Less the segments better the visualization
  • Shows Percentage of whole Relationship
  • Removes emphasis on examining underlying data
  • Readers may make inaccurate conclusion based on Visual examination.
  1. Bar Chart
  • Most commonly used in Business and media
  • Specially used for quantitative comparison.
  • Users can do quick comparison of large data in Visual form.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Estimate key values in just one look.
  1. Line Chart
  • Shows how data changes over time.
  • Each point represents a point of data.
  • They show patterns in data clearly.
  • Very good for making predictions.
  • Easy to read.
  • Limitation is that it can be used only against time dimension.
  1. Combo Chart
  • Combines feature of Bar and Line chart in one graph.
  • Multiple metrics can be shown in one graph.
  • Limitation on number of metrics that can be shown.
  • Not everyone can read and understand it.
  1. Funnel Chart
  • Used in pipelines like Sales Pipeline , Hiring of candidate etc.
  • It represents several stages in one process.
  • Can be used to identify potential problem areas in one business process.
  1. Bubble Chart
  • It represents 3 Dimension of data.
  • It is a variation of scatter chart in which each data points are replaced with bubbles.
  • Size of bubble represents the volume, size.
  • Both axis can be used to represent metric whereas dimension is represented by each dot.
  1. Radar Chart
  • Also known as Spider chart
  • Plots value of each category in separate axis.
  • Data points are drawn at space from center clockwise.
  • Center represents the minimum value.
  • Series of data points are connected by straight line or curved line.
  • You can use multiple dimensions along with metric.
  • Example min and max temperature or average temperature round the year at Different  cities.



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