HI All  Just Check Your BI Knowledge Happy Quiz time !!

1. Who is  father of BI ?

a. Tim joseph

b. Howard Dresner

c. Richard Millar 

2. In which Year The word Business intelligence was coined.

a. 1989

b. 1923

c. 1899

3 . Which is open source free BI ?

a. JasperReports

b. QlikView

c. IBM Cognos

4. What is Name of  BI tool produced by SAP AG?

a. Pentho

b. Qlikview

c. SAP NetWeaver BW

5. What  percent of corporate BI Projects fails?

a.  70

b. 30

c. 20


  1. C
  2. 1989
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A

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