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QlikView !! Why its Magic ?

Qlikview has grown in Past Year worldwide as most preferred Reporting Tool , ever wonder Why?

Here is why it works as Magic…..abracadabra ….

Ha Ha… No there is no secret mantra!! ……But the simplicity in thinking and Design !!!

  1. Qlikview is design on Model as In Memory concept , its simple if data is in Memory(RAM) it can respond faster on clicks.
  2. The real magic is the way it makes connection to other tables and Databases as quick as Usain Bolt! lighting fast.
  3. Qlikview Design approach is very simple  connect– model data –Make Report any non technical person can understand it!
  4. Qlikview Reports are like drag and drop you can use wizard and do next and you complete a Bar chart Report faster then registering for any site.
  5. Qlikview greatest strength is its ALL Dimension and Expression are available all time to make any Report for you.
  6. Qlikview is packed  itself to outstanding SET analysis technique and thousands of ready to use function which makes life easy for developer or even if you are cxo using first time BI.
  7. Qlikview is first tool which is End To End BI tool , you say what it can not do ? It can do everything which you ask.
  8. Qlikview is the most fastest in bringing Reports as soon as it is Deployed ….at least as a Qlikview Developer I can say that.Reporting,ETL, Dashboard,Whatif  and all…do not have to write any specialized query or procedures.

The is also true that you can never stop counting its feature so  try to download it now..and load some data

and see the magic  as Qlikview promotes itself  by saying ‘ Seeing is Believing ‘.



HI All  Just Check Your BI Knowledge Happy Quiz time !!

1. Who is  father of BI ?

a. Tim joseph

b. Howard Dresner

c. Richard Millar 

2. In which Year The word Business intelligence was coined.

a. 1989

b. 1923

c. 1899

3 . Which is open source free BI ?

a. JasperReports

b. QlikView

c. IBM Cognos

4. What is Name of  BI tool produced by SAP AG?

a. Pentho

b. Qlikview

c. SAP NetWeaver BW

5. What  percent of corporate BI Projects fails?

a.  70

b. 30

c. 20


  1. C
  2. 1989
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A

5 Best Practices for effective Dashboard !!

Hi Everyone ,

some of the good practices while designing a Dashboard

1. Do not clutter Dashboard with too many items less item more information should be the mantra.

2. Do not use eye heartening color on graphs .

3. Dashboard must be designed keeping specific Audience in mind it is very important point and critical step.

4. Dashboard must not have repetitive information.

5. Refresh Cycle insure your Dashboard set on right time to reload the data so end users get upto date information.