What is Dashboard ?

Why Dash boarding is so Important ? and What is it?

According to wikipedia

” An easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) and historical trends of an organization’s or computer appliances key performance indicators to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance.”

In Simple terms a Dashboard can be a Report or web page that is linked to some database from where it regularly updateitself and display the most up to date information about a business.

A dashboard may show information like Sales KPI  Sales Region wise. QTD Sales, Sales Growth ,Product performance.

Types of Dashboard

  1. Digital
  2. Operational
  3. Analytical


The idea of  dashboards emerged in the 1970s. With the spread of the web in the late 1990s,dashboard began to emege in business and in industry .Many companies developed there in house software to gather data from various MIS for analysis


  1. A Dashboard is easy to read.
  2. Save times compare to running several reports.
  3. judge performance against your plan
  4. Gives you great visibility and insight
  5. Align strategies and organizational goals